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I was wondering whether anyone could assist me.

I am looking to create a unidirectional relationship in tracker capture. For our example, I am looking to have a suspect animal linked to a specific patient that is being treated. Therefore, the health professional treating the patient can determine the necessary treatment based on the outcome of the investigation into the animal. However, we do not want the people working in the veterinary sector (those dealing with the animal) to be able to see the confidential human patient information.

Is there a way to link two programmes without having a relationship? Or alternatively, is there a way to have a unidirectional relationship?

I understand that automated notifications could be a simple remedy to this, but this would remove the appealing ‘automation’ of the system, as one would need a data capturer in both the clinic and at the vet offices to capture and record the information from the notifications and match that to the relevant case.

Any assistance or advice would be appreciated.

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