Unexpected cpu spike after import capture program data

DHIS2 System
Software =
Java version = 11.0.16
Postgresql version = 13
Memory = 36 G
Postgresql = 16G
DHIS2 = 16 G
Ubuntun 20.04 = 4 G

CPU Core = 4

Shared_buffer = 4GB
Work_mem = 20MB
Maintainance_work_mem = 1GB
Effective_cache_size = 11GB

-Xmx16G –Xms16G

We try to import 10 data entry rows to dhis2 event capture program via bulk load.

It was successful .

After few minutes , cpu spike to 100 % .

After 15 minutes cpu back to normal level.

No service interruption.

With data entry more than 200 rows , dhis2 crash.

Please adivse.

Is it related to disable program rule engine at back end?

event capture program has 66 program rules.

If yes, how to disable.

Or is there any other issues.

Bulk load version = 3.19.1

Can you try loading glowroot (https//glowroot.org) with your tomcat? It can give some insights into what might be chewing cpu. Often it is memory related - CPU getting consumed doing garbage collection.

I am not really sure about the memory figures you have posted - I am assuming that this is not all running on a 4G Ubuntu 20.04 machine?

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