Unable to open charts/maps from pivot table

Hi all,

Using DHIS2 v2.32.4. I removed access to the Classic Data Visualizer and GIS app, as they have been replaced by the Data Visualizer and Maps app. However, when users are in Pivot Tables and click in the top right to “Open this pivot table as a chart” or “Open this pivot table as a map”, they receive an error that they do not have access to those pages. I have two questions:

  1. Is it possible to reroute Pivot Tables to Data Visualizer or Maps for a specific instance?
  2. Has this been done automatically in a later version of DHIS2?


Hi @berhard,

Unfortunately, the classic apps do not talk to the new analytics apps. It might be possible to connect/reroute them in a specific instance, but that is not something we will be able to put any work into. Please feel free to investigate and let us know if you find any easy fixes we missed.

Yes, in 2.34 we now have the new maps and data visualizer including pivot tables all happily talking to each other. I recommend if this is a critical issue then upgrade to 2.34.

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Thanks @Scott, that’s good to know. We’ll look into upgrading our instance to 2.34.



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