Unable to load reports in the event report app

Hello everyone,

I am currently working on a DHIS2 instance that does not load data/results of data elements with option sets within the event reports app after changing data dimensions such as period and organisation unit. The instance version is 2.39.1

I’d really appreciate any help on this. Thanks in advance.

Hi @WumiOjo
if data element values are loaded except the data element with option sets. Also, could u please run the analysis table and run the report again? if not successful take a screenshot and share it here.

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Hi there,

Use Line Listing app. Otherwise you will just spend your time and energy. Plus on top the Event reports app will not export your result set into Excel /CSV with the options name. Even if you choose to export it as EXCEL by name, you will get only first 100 lines. I have reported it but have not received any reply.


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@sami.oracle10g thank you for your response. I have run analytics and the issue remains the same, the loading bar runs indefinitely as you can see in the screenshot below

and there is also this error in the console

@Ulanbek so far, no issues viewing data in the line list app so this might be the way to go from now on. Thank you for your help.