Unable to import Program Rule Actions - reproducible on play

Just bringing this to the attention of the community.

For our large configurations its is a struggle to manage our program rules when we cannot import/export the actions as we were able to previously.

@Karoline can you help get this to the right team, please?


Thanks @chase.freeman!

Quoting @Matthew_Boddie from the Jira issue:

… unable to import a program rule action into the system using import/export. The same attempt works on 2.35 (our instance) and fails on our 2.37.8 spin up for upgrade testing. … pulling a program rule action in json or xml and attempting to re-import into import-export will give you a runtime error.

@tracker-programRules issues importing program rules using import/export app


Hi @chase.freeman, @Gassim

Actually I have experienced the same. What I did just uploaded the same PRv, PRs and PRa few times.
Sometimes the same may happened if you have more than 600DEs on your program stages.
Either this is async data transmit problems or DHIS2 server needs to run recheck the actual data in server with imported after.

Regards, Ulanbek


FYI - come across similar I’d logged here [DHIS2-13920] - Jira

Best guess an issue with the metadata validation routines. In my experience I’ve found that you can workaround this error (if you’re really sure/brave) by selecting “Skip validation” from “More options” in metadata import. The import will then work but unchecked, and you won’t get any status report of how many records were imported etc. Not for the faint hearted but can get you out of a pickle. Recommend taking a backup of all program rules and rule actions if doing this, so you can restore if things go wrong!


BTW have you noticed if you haven’t removed all PRs before your update them, they may have some PRa duplicated, or even may have extra PRas. Normally this may happen if you made development in other server and importing them later.
As I understood PRa uid always changes every update happen to the PRs.