Unable to enter data in data entry app

Am using DHIS2 version 2.37.6.

Created user ‘clerk’ with user role that include:

Data Entry App
Browser Cache Cleaner

(2) Created simple data element Test
(3) Created simple dataset Test
(4) Assign sharing to dataset Test with public access.
(4) login in dhis2 with user clerk
(5) test field in data entry app is grey out.
(6) Try same scenario in DHIS 2 Demo - Sierra Leone and it works fine
(7)But on our dhis2 system , it does not work

What could be wrong here?


Check the sharing settings on your dataset. Make sure the dataset is shared with the user group doing data entry and that they have access to view the metadata and capture and view data.


Thanks for the response.

I did exactly like that.

But still not working and grey out fields.

Please check your browser developer tools Console and the Network tab, see if there are any errors please and if there are any errors please post a screenshot!

Thank you!


  1. {dataValues: [], minMaxDataElements: [], locked: false, complete: false, date: “”, storedBy: “”,…}
  2. complete: false
  3. dataValues: []
  4. date: “”
  5. lastUpdatedBy: “”
  6. locked: false
  7. minMaxDataElements: []
  8. storedBy: “”

{ “dataValues”: [],
“minMaxDataElements”: [ ],