Troubleshoot data import problem

Hi everyone,

I want to import data using an excel file in csv format. After doing dry run, I get: Import process completed successfully as shown in the image below. I only get rows that are deleted and ignored, but I see no rows that are created, No conflicts or information on any possible problem. Any ways to troubleshoot what is happening?


Hi @fernandoshake,

Would you please share the options/settings you used before running the dry run? And it might help if you share the main template (csv heading) that you are using just to make sure that it’s the right one.

Thank you!

Hi @Gassim,




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Thank you @fernandoshake!

Please remove the column with the title “attroptcombo” and try again. It doesn’t seem to work. To review the CSV template please check out the docs,

Hope this solves the issue, if it does please mark this post as a solution, if not please feel free to post back to the community.

Thank you!