Trcker with daily events

Hello DHIS2 Community
I want to create a follow-up program for the addictive disorder program.
In this program the nurse has to give Methadone daily, and therefore has to open a new event every day to enter data for a long time.
In practical terms, does the Tracker adapt to this situation.
Thank you

Dear @elmoujarrade

Thanks for sharing your use-case,

Yes the tracker supports this so you will have to:-

  • Create a program to register the persons to be tracked (create registration attributes)
  • In the same program create a repeatable stage that has the data elements to be collected everyday

So once you have the program in place, you will register all the persons you want track and everyday you will be searching for the person and adding an event in the repeatable stage.


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Hi @prosper,

With the regard to repeatable stages, I have had difficulty with event reports. The event report shows only the last event. What is the trick in case you want to view all events of tracked entities?

I will be grateful if you help me with this.

Dear @dmbantu

Not sure which version of dhis2 you are using, if above 2.34, under output type select events


Hi @prosper,

Iam using 2.33.2 version of DHIS 2.


Dear @prosper
your answer is clear, thank you for your help.