Translation of Metadata not available in data analysis apps

Hello all,

we have observed that the translations of metadata in the data analysis apps (pivot tables and visualizer) is not complete nor consistent across versions.

For 2.18 metadata was translated in the right side (visualization) of the screen but not the left one (selection) which made sense because translations where not reachable directly through the API…
But in 2.19 and 2.20 we lost the translations in the right side, and the left side remains in the default language, even if now translations are included in the API,
is there a reason behind?

We have reported two bugs, one for each side because we are stacked in 2.18 because of this.
During august and september we will deploy in spanish, english and french speaking countries and, after some discussions, we decided that having at least the right side is better than nothing.

We had a look at the 2.21 blueprint and it doesn’t seem to be included.

So my question is… could this be considered to be fixed any time soon?