Tracker stage OU issue

Hi all,
I am facing an issue with a tracker program - we have users who are entering data for a bunch of TEIs in multiple OUs all at once. We realized that new program stages for existing TEIs follow the OU you are clicked on when you search, not the OU that the client is belongs to. At first I thought this was a glitch, but I’m thinking that it’s part of the functionality of tracker to be able to follow people through experiences in multiple OUs. But it has led to data quality issues since local data collectors are not verifying the OU when they add the program stage. (lesson learned…) The confusing part I think for the data collectors is that they are adding data from multiple OUs at the same time, so they are just searching, the search results display the client ID with the enrollment OU, so they are just assuming all is well with the new stage going with that OU.
I’m wondering what others think of having an OU field when you add a program stage to an existing TEI, that defaults perhaps to the OU from the search or to the OU where they were enrolled so most of the time you wouldn’t have to change it, but it would be a verification step that you are putting the stage in the OU you want. Have others had this issue?