Tracker reports vs. event reports

This may already be underway (or may already exist…), but it would be so cool to have a reports/visualizer app designed specifically for tracker programs, similar to event reports. I use event reports all the time for tracker programs, but for example, it doesn’t seem possible to visualize/analyze ALL TEIs enrolled in a program regardless of whether they have a particular stage. You always have to choose a stage, which omits certain TEIs, and then you are depending on having a million program indicators to analyze across stages. A tracker reports and tracker visualizer app would be amazing for easily visualizing cascades, layering, etc (and perhaps could be available in the capture app as well!).
Thanks for the constant support and development you all are doing!


Hi @Natalie_Tibbels. I think we have good news for you, this exists now in the 2.33 version of event reports. In the latest release of event reports you can select multiple data items across multiple stages.
Check out the detailed description in the 2.33 release notes, DHIS version 2.33 is released

Also you can see it in action on


Awesome! Thank you!!

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