Tracker program saving problem

Dear community greetings

I am facing tracker program saving problem, program is not able to save any changes, first it processes (taking longer then usual) and then gives blank message. my instance version is 2.38.0, please guide me in this regard to find out solution.

For your kind information please have blank message screen shot.

cc: @gassim

Hi @janagha

Thank you for the post with the screenshot. First, I do recommend updating the instance to the latest stable release so instead of 2.38.0 - the latest stable release now is this is because if there’s a bug issue that has been fixed, it will be available to you.

I’m not able to reproduce this issue on play so it requires more debugging to figure out the issue. Kindly share the Network request, response, and preview from your DevTools (F12) in the Network tab. See screenshot below:

Before you click on Save please open the Network tab and then press Save. The errors will appear in red text in the Network tab, please select them and paste more info about the request/response. Thanks!

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Dear @Gassim

Thank you so much for your support i really appreciate your prompt responses. I do not think the problem i was facing relate to changing or upgradation instance version. Any how i could not find the exact problem but with execution of clear application cache and reload apps in maintenance of data administration tracker program started working.

Jan Agha Stanikzai

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Good to hear! That’s always a helpful task to perform when facing similar issues. Thanks for sharing! :+1: