Tracker Enrollments not showing in lists

Hi. I have configured a tracker program and have enrolled a person, However, I cannot see the person I enrolled in the lists.

However when i head on over to the reports, I can see the person I enrolled.

I have set the attribute to display in List, but it’s not showing. When i attempt to search for the enrolled person, I cannot find the record in the search results. I have given the user the appropriate rights as demonstrated in, still nothing.

Kindly asking for your assistance.

Note: I am fairly new to DHIS2


Dear @ckambobe

When configuring the program, did you select “Display front gage list”?

Check it out and tick it if missing.
The other cause could be authority to the users

Dear @prosper,

Yes i have it checked to display on front page exactly as shown in your screenshot. I thought it was an issue of permissions to view, i set the permissions accordingly on the tracked entity and on the program itself, still nothing.

Note: i m using an admin account with access to all programs and settings.