Tracker DEs modification

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I have the following situation:

First, we created data elements with option set (yes/No) attached to them. Later we realized that we needed data elements of yes/no data type to enable us to build formulas easily.

What are the implications of value type modification for the data elements already containing data?


Hi @hernandezmachava ,

In this case, I think you would need to modify all of your data which has already been entered to match that of the new data element value type. So if your previous values were “yes” then you would need to alter all of them to “true”. Similarly for values which were “no” you would need to alter them in the database to “false”.

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Hi @jason,

As I have no access to the database, what other path should I take to modify the values?


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I’m trying to check the other options but it seems that the most direct and easiest is using the database as @jason mentioned.

The API using the /api/trackedEntityInstances endpoint required that each update request uses the TEIs ID as well as a full payload of all the attributes. It seems like a long process.

The Import/Export app option seemed to be the second best option. All you need to do is go to TEI Export in the app and then download the data as JSON. Open the file in editor and replace the values and value types the use the TEI Import to update the values!

Please let me know if you want further instructions or screenshot. I tested it on the child program and switched the values for Gender (Male to Female and Female to Male). It worked! :grin::+1: