Tracker course

Hi all,

I am kicking myself because I missed the announcement for the recent Tracker course that was hosted on February 4th.

Are there any recordings of the training or any comprehensive tutorial videos that cover the same material? Failing that are there any plans to host a new Tracker course in the near future?

Many thanks for your help.


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Hi @HaydnJ,

Thank you for your post! Sorry you missed it! It was announced in the #announcements category and emails must have been sent to most CoP users. If you have any suggestions about receiving/sending announcements, please let us know! FYI, you can always check for upcoming academies by going to Academy Schedule - DHIS2

As for the Tracker Configuration course, please see this topic post for more info and recording: Upcoming DHIS2 Tracker Configuration Academy, Level 1 - 24 January - 4 February - #4

All the DHIS2 digital academies are recorded and uploaded to the DHIS2 YouTube channel in playlists.

Thanks! :+1:


Thanks Gassim,

It was my own fault for missing it, I just wasn’t paying attention. Thank you so much for the link though, I will devour it.

Many thanks as always.

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You’re welcome! Feel free to post any questions you have with the community. :+1: