Tracker configuration: automate appointment spacing

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I would like to automate appointment spacing for visits in a repeatable stage as data will be captured at different time intervals and show some text to the user, for example, when the user enters data the first time, we should show visit 1, second time we should show visit 2 and so on. I am building a tracker to be used on android phones.


Thanks in advance for any feedback/help! I’m confused!

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Hi @fernando ,
It’s great to discuss things with the CoP when you’re in that situation! Thanks for reaching out. While others get to answer your post. Have you checked the documentation Were you able to find relevant information?
Build your Tracker programs - DHIS2 Documentation

@Markus what do you recommend? :smiley:

Hi @Gassim,

Yes, I have read the DHIS 2 Tracker documentation.

In a repeatable program stage, I think spacing visits is flexible if the interval days are fixed. (e.g. an event occurs every 30 days. In my use case, days vary form one visit to another. The following are three possible options we have in dhis 2 if we want to configure days and I still do not see how I can achieve my desired result.

Scheduled days from start

Standard interval days

Default next scheduled date


Hi @fernando , there is some information about how we designed the COVID-19 Vaccine Registry to assign a date for next dose (appointment). This tracker program also uses a repeatable stage. You can read more here: Design - DHIS2 Documentation and perhaps @Enzo can provide additional insight on this design.

We hope this helps with your use case!



Hello, yes, as far as I am aware, we are currently unable to change the spacing like this out of the box and as you correctly state, we can have a set interval, but no variation in the interval.

With COVAC we have assigned a data element with program rules to define when the next appointment should be, and then it is up to the person entering the data to change the date in the scheduler when scheduling a new event.

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Thanks @Rebecca and @Enzo! :blush::+1:

Since this not available yet then I recommend @fernando if you create a feature request in Jira. Would you create an issue in to request this feature?

Let me know if you need more information on submitting feature requests. Thanks!

Thanks @Gassim , @Enzo and @Rebecca,

I thought it was possible to set a variation in the interval in a repeatable stage. To create the issue in jira, do I have to log in and copy the text that is in the post?

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Yes, then click create and add the description as in the image. :smiley: Take your time in explaining how you want the feature because DHIS2 Developers take this seriously when developing applications. :+1:

Thanks! It would be interesting if you share your experience and how you managed to solve this?

Hi @Gassim,


@Enzo, is there any way of naming the events as asked in my first post? For user control, I would like the user to see visit 1 when they data for the first event, see visit 2 when they enter data for the second time, etc. it is like showing a counter in a label.

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To add to @Enzo here, we also have an issue that would be implemented in the coming releases of the new capture app:

When this is implemented, we would be able to provide a more integrated behavior that is directly based on the workaround from the COVAC package. The program stage would define a data element that is used for determining the suggested next scheduled date.

The prototype for how this will look in the capture app can be seen here:

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