Tracker Capture

Good day.

This is Tebow, I have basic aptitude on the App, with more enthusiasm to learn more. I had just started (about a month ago) using Tracker for HIV program in my organisation.

I’m, already experiencing problems with; (i) Firstly, some of the clients on tracker capture cannot sync, they were deleted and re-entered, same problem occurred what could be the problem, (ii) Secondly, some end users had upgraded to the version 1.3.0 and there seem to be a bug; they cannot enter new clients using mobile gadgets.

Help, how can I solve these problems.?

Thank you.

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In regard to sync, can you make sure you did not check “Skip Synchronisation”
See image attached.

About the tracker app, for the time being you may have to revert to a previously working version or download the latest version.

Let us know if this worked.

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