Tracker Capture referral notification

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Is there a way to configure a tracker program to send notifications to recipients for a one-time or permanent referral using the referral feature available on the Tracker Capture app?

I am looking forward to hearing any suggestions in making this possible including using programrules if possible.


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Nice question! Would you like to tell us more about the use case? For example, who are the recipients and why would it be important for them to receive a notification?

Currently, the only options to send a notification is either one of the five options: program completion, program enrollment, Days scheduled (incident/enrollment dates), and a program rule. I couldn’t find a program rule expression that would be automatically triggered after a referral. However, this could be a feature request if you think it would be helpful in a generic way i.e. for various implementations and not a specific use case. If you’d like to create a feature request please share the link here so others can comment, watch, and vote! Feature requests can be created on

There’s one workaround but it seems that it will need some manual work by the user. Creating a data element of type ‘Organization Unit’ and then if the person fills the data element to choose a different OU as a referral organization then a program rule can be triggered and as a result send a notification to certain users. Would this work?


Hi @Gassim

I think a feature request would do.

This would be useful for other implementations, especially for eIDSR where there are many patient referrals from clinic to Hospital and back for patient management or case investigation.
The referral feature on Tracker Capture works very well with proper record management factored in. The notification feature will be beneficial to keep personnel updated and to prevent creating duplicate patient records.

I hope I have provided sufficient context for your better understanding.



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Hi @lusandan

When doing a one-time or permanent referral an event in the particular program stage is triggered. There is possible to create a program stage notification. Is it a possible work around?


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