Tracker Capture app submitted data

Can someone help me find a way to generate statistics from data submitted through the Tracker Capture app and synchronized with DHIS2 within a specific period? This would involve analyzing which users submitted data and for which organizational units.

Thanks in advance

Hi @cassamo

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If you have audit enabled for the TEIs. I think the best and easiest chance would be to use the audit API endpoint. You can read more about it here: Audit - DHIS2 Documentation

It’s not specific to the app, so whether they used Tracker Capture app or Capture app, I’m not sure that’s being saved anywhere; however, the data is about tracker.

If you want to be more detailed, it would probably require use of advanced database tools that will probably require more resources if they work as expected so I recommend starting with the available tools such as the API endpoint above, or making use of the Usage Analytics app and the Data Statistics in the Data Administration app.