Tracked Entity Instance QR Code

Hello team,

I am writing to ask you if is there is a way to render a tracked entity field as a QR Code.
I already have it and it includes a unique and auto generated Member ID.
So I need to have the ID in a QR Code. Is it possible or no ?

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@dina.mazloum thank you for your question! As you can see QR/Barcodes are supported in DHIS2:

So my question for you is if you would please explain your use case a bit more?


I know this response may not be necessary but for anyone trying to implement a QR Code for the android app, this here is a good resource.

I was trying to implement it and I have been successful. As always, thank @Gassim for sharing the release notes. Out of curiosity, does this implementation also work on the browser?

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Hi @Mayamiko

Glad you found the release notes helpful. These release notes are included by the team each time there’s a new release; for instance, the latest release notes for the latest android app patch release: DHIS2 Android Capture App patch release 2.8.2 is now available containing many bug fixes and improvements

Good question! As of today, September 06, 2023 it’s not implemented yet. See screenshot from the documentation it says:


Yes @Gassim, I am appreciating the release notes especially with the format in which the are shared. I will keep a more keen eye on them to stay updated with the new features.

Thank you for showing this to me :relieved: