"To add a user to this group, go to the User section and edit the user group settings for a specific user."

Regarding 2.35.3+

I could not find any Jira tickets documenting the change to the User Group management UI. Is there a reason we can no longer manage user in user groups via the User Groups UI and if so can someone explain it or point to the ticket/discussion behind the rationale?

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Hey @chase.freeman ,

Thanks for your question! This was done for performance reasons: a large number of users was leading to browser and even server crashes. You can read about it here and in linked tickets. Your feedback is welcome!


Thank you @Gintare! @hendrik or @austin do you have an approximate figure for the number of users that that causes the server and/or browser to crash? I suppose since you have removed that feature it doesn’t matter but I’m curious of the scale we’re talking about.

Is there a timeline for [DHIS2-10524] - Jira to be implemented? There is no fix version listed so I’m assuming after 2.36.0 meaning we will have to live with the “degraded” user groups UI for a bit?

There were few issues with that app. The browser was crashing with just 20k users in the system on app load. The user group edit page worked with that number of users in a group, but it wasn’t optimal and very heavy on the server. We tested with instances that had 20k, 50k, 100, 200k users with most users being assigned to a group ( COVAC use case).

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Had the same question, found this post. Thanks @chase.freeman for bringing it up and for the response @Gintare.

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