Things to take into account when designing tracker capture to be installed on Android Mobile phones/ Tablets

Hi, Everyone.

I have been tasked with building a tracker capture to track malnourished children and I am wondering if somebody could provide/steps to secure the tracker works well after being installed on android mobile phones or tablets.

In words, what steps regarding tracked entities, dates, program stages and other things need to be taken when designing a tracker capture to guarantee good functioning on android phones? This will be my first experience on this matter.

Your assistance will be appreciated.

Hi Fernando,

I think your starting point should be the official guidelines:

These show you what you should consider when deploying an Android implementation. I am assuming from your message (maybe wrongly) that you already have some experience with DHIS2 on the server side. If that is not the case you should also review the guidelines (there are many so linking the main portal Home - DHIS2 Documentation)

It is difficult to get from your message what will be all your needs. As the program doesn’t seem extremely confidential (maybe wrongly assumed again) I think you might want to put more efforts in making program attractive by using nice pictograms and colors than on security (in case you would need to chose one above the other, for example). Same with training, you might need to focus there if the person using the devices have never use the software before. Another key question would be: are the users of the tablets/phones going to enter data for consumption on the server or they need to get immediate feedback (i.e a child with an extremely low weight-for-age ratio should trigger something in the program so the child is given or transferred to another unit).

As a last note, take into account that having mobile devices on the field will mean the workers can use them to enter data offline; however it will mean that probably you will need to design a plan to update/maintain those devices. Here an MDM can become really handy.

Feel free to come back to the topic with more specific questions as the reply above is just a quick overview.

Hi @jaime.bosque,

Sorry for the delay in answering. I have no experience with DHIS2 on the server side. I do not much experience with tacker capture either. Any help with the configuration will be appreciated.

Brief overview of the workflow

We will be conducting Nutrition visits over the course of multiple months (six visits). For each visit, the data elements are the same. For our need, there must be 3 different forms.

  1. Registration Form: Register the child that is to be tracked.
    Attributes: Child’s name, mother’s name, child gender, etc.

  2. Visit Form (visit 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6) - the periodicity of visits follows regular intervals (i.e. 2 months that separates each visit. If in one of the visits the MUAC is red or edema, the child is referred to treatment form. Blue circled data elements are to be tracked in every visit. How child’s age can be configured? Below is part of one the form.

  3. Child Treatment form
    Thanks for sharing read the official guidelines

Hi Fernando,

This clearly seems to be a tracker program so I would create persons as Tracked Entity Types and configure the registration form and several stages. Some program rules could be used to help calculating the age and showing a message to the person filling the form in case of a red muac/edema.

My advice would be that you connect to the play instances: and check the programs there, several might have lot of similarities with what you want to implement. Maybe other members of the community can share their experience as well.


Hi @jaime.bosque,

Thank you for help. I have the following question:

As the data elements are the same for the six visits that are to be conducted, would that mean I have to assign them to six program stages? This maybe would rule out the need to use a counter to count number of visits. I am worried that the person filling the data might no know at which he/she visit.

I will connect to play instances and have a look at the programs.

I think someone from the @dhis2-tracker can help you better, but yes, there is no problem in assigning the same data element to several program stages.

Hi all,

I have been looking for ways to configure automatic closure of the whole enrolment once the last visit is completed; My use case is above. Is this possible in DHIS 2?

While the child’s MUAC is still not red or edema, he /she is monitored under visit forms (visit 1, visit 2, visit 3, visit 4, visit 5, visit 6).

Also, if, in one of the visit forms, the child’s MUAC is red or edema, the child should be automatically transferred to Child Treatment form/treatment program stage. Is this also possible in DHIS 2 tracker?

I will appreciate any assistance