The role of District Staff Malaria in strengthening the online DHIS2 system in Pakistan

In Pakistan under the Global Fund supported Malaria project the following DHIS2 reporting system exists.

  1. FM-1 Register : In this register the entries of Malaria suspects are made on daily basis by the Malaria focal person at facility level.
  2. FM-2 Report : The aggregate of monthly entries of Malaria suspects are entered into monthly FM-2 report, all the collected FM-2 Reports from a District are entered in online DHIS2 online system at District level by Incharge Data Management Unit.

Problems in DHIS2 System

  1. Poor motivational level of Malaria focal person at facility level.
  2. Security situation in the far flung districts.
  3. Lack of mobile network in the remote districts.
  4. Limited Internet facilities in Pakistan.
  5. Proper training facilities of DHIS2 at District level in Pakistan.

Solutions of the issues

  1. The District Health Officer should encourage the Malaria focal persons for their good performance.
  2. Efforts for peace should be made by the citizens.
  3. The mobile network should be extended to the remote areas of Pakistan.
  4. Internet facilities should be provided by the GOP at District level for DHIS2 Office.
  5. There must be 06 days DHIS2 training at district level for the DMU Incharges in Pakistan.
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