The GIS to Do list


I have come up with this list of things to be done on GIS, not necessary needed by all countries, but we can edit it and prioritize on what should be done first. So please go through it and comment on it.

Things to be done on the GIS;

  1. Printing the map to a document format (pdf, doc, ppt)

  2. Printing the Legends (the maximum on percentage should only be 100%) it will be good to pass the indicator type to determine what to print on the legend

  3. Printing the current indicator being viewed

  4. viewing the data depending on the groups (if one has the layer for the group)

  5. assigning the static layer with legend (showing points with different colours depending on orgunit type, or ownership)

  6. Being able to select date from and date to instead of only viewing monthly data. (or even if the data is monthly then if I choose quarterly it should be able to aggreggate the data, than bringing an empty menu. and the reverse is true(if data is quertly then the monthly should be blank)



Yusuph Kassim Kulindwa,
University of Dar Es Salaam,
Department of Computer Science,
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