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DHIS2 Academy Bulletin

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The DHIS2 Experts Academy
18 - 22 June

“DHIS2 has been developed and deployed with the hearts and minds of all of you. This is a truly global effort that drives higher education programme and job creation around the world…
This is development action at its best.”
Nikolai Astrup, Norwegian Minister of International Development

“It is important that in these days, as a global community, we have agreed to fight for a sustainable development… It implies that we need scientists, such as those within this project, with strong will and dedication across borders, genders and cultures.”
Svein Stølen, Rector of the University of Oslo

Special thanks to our participants!

This year, the Experts Academy brought together over 200 participants from 85 Organisations. Throughout the week, in an open dialogue and under one roof, our participants discussed and learned more about DHIS2.

Let's take a look back at the Experts Academy best moments<Best pictures - Google Drive.

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Our participants shared their best shots on social media

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DHIS2 Experts Academy presentations

A huge thank you to our speakers who contributed to the Academy by sharing inspiring presentations or posters and by creating a stimulating atmosphere for discussion and networking.



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Main presentations available here<Presentations - Google Drive;


Our Level 1 Academies


Tracker, 16 - 21 July 2018
Lagos, Nigeria

You will be introduced to basic concepts of designing, collecting, analyzing and performing preliminary administration on event and case-based data. Learn more here<;

Design & Customization
4 - 9 August 2018
Dakha, Bangladesh


This training will cover all the important customization steps including organisation units, data elements and categories, data sets, groups and group sets, sharing of metadata, user/access management and more.

The Academy will be structured around the following themes:
- Conceptual Model of DHIS2
- The DHIS 2 Aggregate Design & Customization structured
- Use case discussions
- Advanced features DHIS2
- Analysis data
- Integrated HIS system implementation and support.

More information<;

Uso de Informação
6 - 11 de Agosto 2018
Maputo, Moçambique


Dados precisam contar uma história, e as técnicas de visualização empregues irão ditar a qualidade da narrativa. Nos sistemas de gestaão de informações, os dados são consumidos para a tomada de decisões por meio de painéis claros e concisos (colecções de diferentes visualizações de dados, gráficos, mapas e tabelas dinâmicas).

Escolher a técnica ou painel de visualização mais apropriado para transmitir uma determinada mensagem ou segmentar um público específico é fundamental para o sucesso do programa. Esta formação em Gestão de Saúde e DHIS2 Analytics é uma excitante combinação de princípios de aprendizagem, conceitos-chave de Uso da Informação, Monitoria e Avaliação no contexto da saúde pública e as ferramentas do DHIS2 para os apoiar.

Cadastre-se agora!<Academia DHIS 2 Uso de Informação Maputo 2018, Nível 1;

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Uso de la Información,
27 Augosto - 1 Septiembre
Tegucigalpa, Honduras

La Universidad de Oslo y Clinton Health Access Initiative tienen el gusto de anunciar la Academia DHIS2 de Uso de la Información, nivel 1. Registrar aquí<Academy - DHIS2;

Our Level 2 Academy

Data Quality
10 - 14 September 2018
Kigali, Rwanda


Reliable and quality data are used to plan, monitor, evaluate, strengthen health system performance and make evidence-informed decisions. During 5 days, you will learn how to assess, improve data quality in DHIS2 and prepare the data for information needs. You will work on a copy of your country database and will make an action plan to improve data quality on the national instance.

This Academy will focus on:
- Challenges to good data quality
- Assessing the quality of data through the data quality app
- Improving data quality through system design and DHIS2 configuration
- Preparing data for analysis.

Better quality, better decisions!

Register now<DHIS2 Data Quality Academy, Level 2 - Kigali 2018;

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