Tengo problemas para instalar Dhis2 en ubuntu

Hello my Name Is Juan
I am trying to install Dhis2 on an ubuntu server but it has given me a lot of trouble. I have searched in forums and followed youtube videos but I have not been able to find it. could someone help me
giving me the step by step along with the version of each repository that I must install and the ubuntu or operating system from which we would install it

I would be very attentive to whoever can help me and if suddenly we could connect to do it simultaneously it would be fabulous Whatsapp +573057526062

Hi @juan_felipe

Documentation is quite straight forward:

Could you tell which part of this manual is not clear? And describe pls what troubles are you having?


Hello Ulanbek I have tried several times

I have already tried with several versions but it always remains at the point where Apache does not respond or if Apache does respond, the page does not respond. Do you think you can help me if I give you a connection through anydesk and I show you what I have done

Dear community,

Just for your future use I would like to recommend this link as a working instruction on how to install DHIS2 on Ubuntu
We have done this with @juan_felipe. Only we have changed Ubuntu version 20.04, Java-11, Postgre-14, PostGIS-3.3., Tomcat -9.
The rest is the same

Good luck


Hola, @juan_felipe .

It seems that your folder doesn’t contain the app (DHIS2). As @Ulanbek is saying the guide is pretty straight forward and by following the steps you should get it running. My first impressions from that message:

  • Have you placed the WAR the webapps/dhis folder? If you remove the /dhis from the end of the URL do you get the same error?

Also, checking the catalina.out inside the tomcat/logs folder can be very helpful to identify the problem.