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Hi Olivier, allow me to copy to the mailing list so others can also benefit from and contribute to this discussion:

DHIS2 (with Tomcat) works nicely on Mac even without any virtual Windows, the only “problem” is that the .exe file does not run. It should run fine if you open a command window and type this:

java -jar dhis2-live.jar




On Thursday, September 12, 2013, Olivier BARTHES wrote:

that’s what we plan to do if I cannot fix this myself !

just one last question: DHIS2 cannot work with a virtual Windows desktop set on Mac ?

Thanks a lot


Le 12 sept. 2013 à 07:44, Knut Staring a écrit :

Hi Olivier,

DHIS Live will not run on a Mac, as you are aware of, but you can do all the things you list on the demo just using Safari. However, everything gets erased every night. If AEDES requires knowledge, maybe they have someone who could help you or perhaps just set up a server for you to practice on? There are also a number of courses offered, as well as server hosting (e.g.,

For technical questions please create a Launchpad account (not on the demo) and join our user mailing list for questions, see the instructions here


On Thursday, September 12, 2013, Olivier BARTHES wrote:

Thanks Knut,

however, I have gone already through the online Demo and I would like to go further . Hence I would like to learn how to

  • create an entry form,
  • set rules for validation
  • compute an indicator
  • create a standard report


basically what is in the DHIS2 User Manuel

Best regards


Le 12 sept. 2013 à 02:27, Knut Staring a écrit :

Hi Olivier, just use the online demo. There’s no need for you to install anything on your computer. You can forget about DHIS Live.


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From: Olivier BARTHES

Date: 11 September 2013 09:40

Subject: technical question


Hello ;

I’m working for a private company, AEDES Brussels, which is interested in good command of DHIS. I’ve been ask to learn the software. Unfortunately I’m not a computer scientist

However I tried for a while to install DHIS Live on my computer but failed . Could you please forward this message to the relevant person in your technical department

My environment:

I use machintosh , with however a virtual Microsoft Windows desktop family version 7.0 installed with “parallel desktop”: So the first question is : does DHIS live works on this specific setting ?

alternatively I have a old computer running windows 2000 ; however I suppose that the latter is not sufficiently powerful : do you thing it is possible (for learning purpose only) to run DHIS live on the latter computer (I tried as well and fail as well!) ?

My action (briefly - on Mac and virtual MS desktop)

First I simply download the DHIS live and install it (on Windows of course) . It did not work !

Then I look for information on Internet. Some people I know told me as well that probably the problem was coming from the fact that I have to first get the PostgreSQL software. On Youtube I saw the Ghana academy presentation about how to properly install DHIS live /Java/ PostgreSQL… I followed all the instructions provided by Mr KNUT STARRING (including of course installation of PostgreSQ) . (by the way it is split into 4 Youtube documents; however presentation # 3 & #2 are the same; therefore I don’t know if one presentation is missing or not) . After going through all the process unfortunately It still does not work

Where I am:

  • Firefox, java, PostgreSQL (version 9.3) are installed
  • apparently DHIS 2 is running (that what is said to me in the low right corner of my desktop; a green icon)
  • When I right click on the icon and do “run DHIS2” I’m ending up on a firefox window which is telling me


Problem accessing / reason


powered by Jetty

AND INTHE ADRESS i SEE “local host 8082”

I suppose therefore that this is a simple problem that can be easily fixed by a person who know the issue . Can somebody help me please

by the way I went first to the demo on DHIS site and open up an account with my name

I will be very thankful for the help you could give to me.

Best Regards

Dr Olivier BARTHES

Knut Staring

Dept. of Informatics, University of Oslo


Knut Staring

Dept. of Informatics, University of Oslo