Tabular Data Entry not loading after upgrades

I have recently tested (on a clone of the VM hosting our production instance) upgrading from version 2.30 to 2.31.8 and then to 2.32.4.

The first step (upgrade to 2.31.8) seemed to proceed without a hitch (no errors of note in the logs) but there was a new issue with an existing Tracker program - the Tabular Data Entry section just shows a spinner and the data never loads.

Hoping that this was a bug that would be resolved in the next version, I proceeded to the next step of the upgrade, to version 2.32.4 but the problem persists. This step was more problematic in that there were lots of errors related to the SQL migration scripts (related to creating a geometry field from existing coordinates which had a Z dimension, as mentioned in other posts). Some GIS data had manually been entered previously by someone else and was possibly incorrect.

The error in the browser console in relation to Tabular Data Entry not loading is: “{“httpStatus”:“Internal Server Error”,“httpStatusCode”:500,“status”:“ERROR”,“message”:“Require at least two points for a linestring”}”. Clearing caches doesn’t help.

I suspect this could be related to the geometry errors though it seems to precede those errors. I intend to try again on a fresh clone, deleting any coordinate data before I begin, but would welcome any other suggestions.

Thanks for any help,


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Hi @prcleary,

Sorry that you have been facing some problems with the upgrades!

Regarding the error in the console in relation to Tabular Data Entry, it would be great if you can report this one on JIRA (As it is a 500 error, we want to look into that and try to fix it/provide a better error code/message).

For the SQL migration scripts, I am tagging @Ameen who might know a bit more about that in regards to Flyway etc.

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@prcleary If there were migration errors, the migrations wouldnt have succeeded and the db ideally would have remained in 2.31.8 state.
Like reported in other posts, there has been issues with coordinate fields.

If you can share the stacktrace of your migration error it might give some ideas. If its a problem with the data in the coordinate field (which you have already assumed), either you should be able to rectify the erroneous ones or clear it out for the migration to be successful.

Keep us updated on how it goes and we can try to help along the way.

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