Tablets does not sync with server

Hi all.

I have a strange situation. The data entered on tablets does not sync with the server. The error we get is:

“httpStatus”: “Internal Server Error”,
“httpStatusCode”: 500,
“status”: “ERROR”,
“message”: “failed to lazily initialize a collection of role: org.hisp.dhis.dataelement.DataElementCategoryOptionCombo.categoryOptions, could not initialize proxy - no Session”

The strange points are:

  1. When we enter the data on the computer, it gets reflected on the tablets. But not from tablets to Computer.
  2. We had a similar test instance and setup and in this environment, the syncing between tablets and server are working fine.

Note: We use DHIS2 2.29, build 0b4de69 and App version is - 0.5.6 (64)

Now we have lot of data captured on the tablets and needs to be synced to get our reports. Kindly assist us to resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance.

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@viet could you have a look at this?

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@MSP I remember fixed this bug maybe 2 months ago.
Are you able to update new version of the android app and DHIS2 2.29 latest build ?

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Hi @MSP - Did you manage to resolve this? If Yes - What was the solution?


Hi @jomutsani,

Nope! The issue is still open. I will be doing another round of testing this week. I will give an update by coming Mon 21st Jan.

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