System does not record registration online

Hi all.

Can someone help me?

We performed a migration from MySQL to Postgree. In DHIS from version 2.11 to version 2.14 through the intervening versions.

I’m having a problem “Events Anonymous” option. Upon entering the form, the system issues the following warning: “There is data stored locally, please upload to server”. I click to go online. No problems with the server. See fig1 and fig2.

Soon after I select the options of interest and fill the form data and realize the recording, but the registry fomulário not appear in the list of inserted records like it was not recorded in the system on line.

Where switch- + f5 had made the system asks to upload as fig1. .

We found that an error log in Apache Tomcat recording Patietdatavalue primary key in the table. Attached is the log.


tomcat7-stdout.2014-05-21.log (687 KB)




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