Sync Data one Way

Dear All
I want to sync data from server (A) to server (B) daily.
please provide me with a clear solution

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Dear @sami.oracle10g ,

Thanks for your inquiry.

There is documentation available for different DHIS2 versions at data and metadata sync and the hereunder the link:

Also, there was an announcement last week during dac2024 about data and metadata sync between DHIS2 instances, and there is a new app developed by @eyeseetea which I believe will solve your issues, please try it at your end and let us know how it goes with you.

Hereunder are the materials you will need to download the app and kick off your trial, please do not forget to take a backup from your work before any sync process:

I hope this will answer your inquiry.

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You can also use tools such as Apache NIFI or Apache ActiveMQ as middleware to connect DHIS2 instances


Thanks so much @ayman.tuffaha! @sami.oracle10g Yes, you could try with metadata sync, you have also video tutorials on how to use it on the link that Ayman so kindly shared.

Please let us know how it goes! :slight_smile: