Support in Tracker Capture Program


We would like to request technical assistance to resolve some pending issues in the tracker capture program developed for reporting COVID cases.
Specifically, we have created new data elements that generate values based on rules that we have created, and a group of program rule variables that read values from either tracked entity attributes or other existing data elements.
An example of that, we had

  1. an existing data element - duplicate: yes / no
  2. new data element - new case: 1 / 0 (if new assign 1 as value, otherwise 0)
  3. program rule variable: prv_su_cv_duplicate - reads the value of the above data element
  4. program rule - pr_su_cv_per_new_case, ( if the id is not blank and the duplicate value is either no or blank, the new case data element is assigned 1, otherwise 0)

Now, for one of the cases the rule has worked, yet for the other records it’s not working at all.
The Same has happened with other new data elements, some of them aren’t working at all and others are still working. 11 out of 27 are still not working, 5 out of 27 work in some form and don’t in others, and the rest are still working and can’t be edited.