Suggestions for Betterment of Data Visualizer App

Dear DHIS2 Developers,

I hope this means Data Visualizer is a good app but if you add custom calculation which dataelement we want to add , substract and generate to excel with the same format.

it will be outstanding,

Thank you in Advance

Mohammad Ayub Yousafzai
Kabul , Afghanistan

Hi @mohammadayub864

There’s already a new calculation feature that can be added to the visualizations:

You can read more about it here: Data Visualizer - DHIS2 Documentation

Dear @Gassim,

I am using 2.39.2 version. it does not have this feature.

Upgrading has a problem.

Mohammad Ayub Yousafzai
Kabul , Afghanistan

Please continue the discussion in the upgrading topic post so we might be able to resolve the issue.

Thank you!