Subset of main hierarchy

Dear Team,

I face to select subset district which is under province. therefore, could you help to guide me on how to list only subset district which is under province? on tracker event, I created three list box 1. province; 2. district; 3. health facility. (all field format was set
as organization)

Thanks for guidance.


I am interested in the solution to this issue.

@jomutsani Do you know anyone who could help out with this?

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Hi @LCaynar,

I think I get what you are trying to achieve here (the cascade based on Org unit level the user chooses??) I am not sure if this is supported yet on DHIS2* (Cc. @dhis2-tracker) but Alternatively, you can work with Organization unit groups to achieve this; just create based on the facilities you have and assign the users to the specific org unit groups that they are to collect the data on.

Let me know if this helps.


Dear @jomutsani,

Thanks. I have not solved yet. The reason is that our user need to access all level provinces.


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