Strange behavior of the DataSets list

I was playing with Datasets on to understand properly how Datasets works. During this experiment I found 2 things:

  1. Why after when I removed the same data elements from the Dataset list and put back that Dataset disappeared from the Datasets list on the Data Entry app? See pictures 1-5 below, please.
  2. How the list of used data elements, when you are creating datasets, the name of added data element (see picture 1) consists of (Gender) words even I couldn’t find them on the DataElements list?

I did the same in ver 2.35, exactly the same results. And you can change any Dataset and that will disappear as well from the list.
I have tried to clean the cache, reset eh app data. No changes…
Regards, Ulanbek

Dear Ulanbek
I noticed the sharing settings of the data set were changed, that can explain why you did not see it anymore in data entry.
The name of the data elements includes “(Gender)” to indicate a category combination was assigned to override the configuration of the data element.

Best regards,

Dear @juan,
Thank you for your swift reply.
Why the sharing properties have changed, even I didn’t change it?

regards, Ulanbek

Dear @Ulanbek
Looks like there is an error in the configuration of the data set, in fact two of them are missing the public setting (Mortality < 5 years by age group and Mortality < 5 years by gender) so when you saved your edits the system corrected the problem by replacing the sharing settings adding public access to edit the metadata and no access to the data, this also removed the user groups that previously had access.
Thank you for reporting this problem.

Best regards,