Still can see TEIs after i have permanently deleted them

I have a Question, am using DHIS 2 version and i have entered some TEIs while i was trying and testing my program, i have deleted those TEIs by pressing the delete button shown below

an i have permanently deleted them from the data administration app

the problem is : when I as the admin (superuser) for this program search for the TEI i find only the one still exists in the database

However when one of the data entry persons at facility level search for the same TEI , he/she get the result of all the TEIs of that person that were deleted before in the method mentioned above

HOW to remove them in a way that is deleted for everyone?

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You are removed the the enrollment in program not deleted. So it remains on the system

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Hi @Haliz.t

To remove the person entierly, follow the steps in the picture:

Number 3 is not a step - but when deleting the enrollment, you are only deleting the enrollment in the particular program, and not the person. If you follow step 1 and 2 you delete the person and the enrollment.

Make sure to run analytics as you showed in your message before creating a new TEI with the same name.



Thank you so much @Caroline

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