Steps on how to restore copy production database to local server (dhis2)

Good Morning ladies and gentlemen I hope all of you doing well,
I have a DHIS2 local server (DHIS2) that I am using on my computer, and i want to updated with the Data from our online DHIS2 server, and contact the Expert and he send me the dhis2.z file and same instruction as follow:-
Once database is downloaded, extract the compressed database by this command (For
Ubuntu server or user)
a. sudo 7za e dhis.7z
3. Rename the database you want to replace in your postgres terminal and create the new
database with the name that renamed database has before
4. Assign user role to that database you created
5. Restore the uncompressed database by the following
a. First make sure that your running as postgres user by
i. sudo su postgres
b. Then restore your database backup by the following
i. psql >/path/to/databasebackuptorestore.sql
6. Once done restart tomcat

therefore i am requesting if any of you can help me with a video tutorial or pptx tutorial with steps of how to restore copy of production database to local server (DHIS2).
Best Regards