Step to ugrade tomcat7 to 8

Hi @Bob,
Hi all,

I’m running dhis2 2.28 on Tomcat7, java 1.8 and postgres 9.6.
Now I’m migrating the instance to dhis2 2.32 but the basic requirements for the 2.32 version are:
Java 1.8 and
postgres 9.6 or more.

Can you please assist me upgrading my tomcat version to fill the basic requirements without losing my data?


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Can you give a little more information about how your system is setup, operating system etc. The way that you upgrade things is going to be determined by this.

If your OS is old it is sometimes going to be easier to backup everything and reinstall from scratch. You will want to install postgres 10 (or higher). And also probably tomcat 9 if you want to future proof. Try and get your existing 2.28 working on that setup and only then proceed with upgrading war files.

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Hi @bobj

Thank you for answer.

My system is running on Ubuntu 16.
Postgres9.6 and Tomcat7 are on the same server.

OK. I would recommend you backup database and any essentials you might have in DHIS_HOME, then reinstall the machine with tomcat9 and postgresql 10.

OK thanks for this solution.
This is what I did but I thought there is a way to migrate tomcat7 to higher without reinstall it like the way we use DHIS2 TOOL.

OK. If you use dhis2-tool you can install on ubuntu 18.04. By default it will use postgres 10 and tomcat 8. I havent upgraded to use tomcat9 yet, but it will be good up to 2.32

Ok Thanks @bobj!