Stack on tracker capture

Dear Community,
we are using DHIS2 v2.30
after login, we go to tracker capture, but it stack and i saw the console has strange error like in first picture, and if we try refresh page afew time, it come back working, but display another error on console ad didn’t see the list of TEI like in second picture
how to solve it?


Hi @Channara,

Thank you for reporting your issue. I have reached out to the Tracker/Backend team to see if they do know what can be causing this error. Are you still encountering this?

Best regards,

Hey @Channara - is your server running on Windows? Looking at the error message, there seems to be a strange character, indicating an encoding problem.

Hi ! @Karoline,
Yes, still has problem

hi! @Markus,
Yes, we use windows server.
plz guide, where should we look message that be strange character?