SQL View for TEI Data

I have a colleague who is working to build a SQL View for TEI Attributes at the individual level. We are running Version: 2.27 Build revision: 94df818.

He is receiving an error that the table is protected. I want to be cautious before changing the authorities on this table, but I also do not know the reason for these protected authorities. Can someone please describe the logic in which tables are protected in this way, and make a recommendation on the best approach? If it is advised to use the API instead, which endpoints are relevant for pulling event capture data and TEI attributes?

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Hi Mike.
The only Explanation I have is Tacker is dealing with individual information including personal identifiers and you wouldn’t want anyone you have access the your instance via the front end, BUT not allowed to view TEI, be able to retrieve data directly from the DB.
I would recommend that you use the API to get that data.
The others way around is to create a function on the database and use it on the SQL view but the above issue still remains.



Hi Djibril,
I saw your comment and passed it on to my colleague in Lesotho, but I never thanked you for responding. So thank you!

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