Some validation Pop up Alerts

Dear All,

I have program in that some program rule condition is apply for hide fields based on some value on dataelement. but while retrieving cases on edit stage there is Pop up is coming for hide fields.

For better references, I attached screenshot of that cases.

Hi @Ravikumar

You mean while the field is hidden, the program rules are still checking for the value? This means that you might need to update these program rules to only function when the field is not hidden.

For instance, field 2 is hidden if field 1 is ABC and I have a program rule that checks that field 2 is not empty, so in this case I must ensure to add to the program rule expression that field 1 shouldn’t be ABC, and in this case when field 1 is ABC and field 2 gets hidden the program rule will not run the action (pop up alerts) in this case.