Some user not populated in UI but populating through API DHIS2 version 2 38.3

While searching user by name or username in user app can’t be found, but users are available in database and can log in, and can assign dataset to those users but still are hidden in user app only. Has anyone faced same issue ? Any solution!

Hi @Saifullah_Sayedzai

Welcome to the community! Thank you for your post.

It’s an interesting question as it should be that the Users App is request the info from the API, may I ask what is the request that you use which allow you to view the users which are not in the Users app? If the Users app is sending the same request then this is most probably a cache issue.

To be on the safe side and not assume it’s a bug yet, would you please double check using your browsers Guest mode (Browse Chrome as a guest - Computer - Google Chrome Help) and check the Users’ app?

If the users are still missing from the Users’ app in Guest mode, would you get more logs about what’s going on? To do that please open the Network log and console (F12 → Network), and then go to the user’s app to select and preview all users, and then in the network request, please select the one that starts with /users. Click on it and get as much details as possible such as the request, payload, and response, I hope this will help us more,

Thank you!