Single event with registration! event and enrollment dates return current date

Hello all,

I try to set up a program in DHIS2 tracker, here’s my methodology, I created a program named “test”. It is a program with single event with registration. I take an attribute called age. And I chose to rename the event date and the date of registration. I then went through the steps of the program and I chose a data element. Note that I’ve checked the “Auto-generate event” box. My problem is that when I’m going to record an event in (“individual record / single event with registration”), I chose dates that are different of current date for the envent date and the Enrollment date, but after recording, when I look details of my record, the dates i chose for Enrollment and event are set to the current date. You can test my example in the online Demo Version. I want to know if it’s my method of setting the program which is not god or if it is a software problem.

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