📢 Should I Create a New Topic?

Engaging in the Planning and Budgeting DHIS2 Implementations course discussion forum is very essential for your learning. It’s like going to a classroom and benefiting from the conversations with your instructor and peers.

You are encouraged to engage in the discussion forum in a way that you find helpful for you and others. This course has a dedicated space for discussion where each module has a main topic and a continuation discussion which you are encouraged to participate in. Please find the course discussion topic posts pinned here; however, if you want to create a new topic please follow the guidelines below.

Creating a new topic is very easy; however, before creating a new topic about the course content, it’s recommended to consider the following:
  1. Technical support? Please read this topic post first: Technical Support Requests (Email: planning-course-support@dhis2.org)
  2. Can your topic post be a continuation of the discussions in the other topics? Please feel free to add your input to those topics and support the conversation.
  3. Is your topic post a repetition to another topic post? Please make sure to relate your post to the course content and feel free to explain how it relates to your life.
  4. When posting please use course content and terminology to reinforce your understanding of the course.
  5. The topic title! Imagine if all the topics in the discussion forum had the same title such as “DHIS2 Software,” for example, that is not going to be helpful; however, when the topic title describes exactly what the topic is about, others will benefit and be able to find the information easily.
  6. The course discussions (Planning and Budgeting DHIS2 Implementations) should be in the #dhis2-courses:planning-budgeting-course category, make sure your new topic is posted there.
  7. Should a tag be added? Tags make the topic more specific and being concise will help people interested to join the conversation. It also helps with finding the topic as well as all the related topics. If you don’t know what tag to use, feel free to use the module number such as Module 1.

Need instructions on how to create a new topic: Creating a New Topic