Shortnames and uniqueness [Was: Zero export]

It looks like the problem I encountered with blank organisationunit metadata exports above was linked to my removing the uniqueness constraints for shortname. There have previously been strong arguments for removing this constraint (by Bob and Jason, if I recall correctly). it seems that would also entail changes to the metadata export. It is linked to the lack of distinction between a name, an identifier and a primary key in the current implementation.

I am encountering these problems while in the process of importing thousands of orgunits, most lately close to 7000 from

In this case, the names are in fact unique, and all that was required was to increase the shortname database field from 25 characters to the same as the name (230 - the longest name was actually 63 characters in this particular situation).

This debate has come up before, but not resolved (no action taken):

The current situation (unique name and shortname, with shortname restricted to 25) is untenable, making importing orgunits a painful proposition



On Thu, Nov 5, 2009 at 10:35 AM, Knut Staring wrote:


I have loaded organisationunits directly into an empty database (and in the process removed the uniqueness constraints for name and shortname, which we should do also in trunk, as discussed before).

I did also populate the source table (did not remove the foreign key).

However, when I try to do a metadata export, all I get is an empty DXF file. You can try it yourself here: