Shortening the build time


can´t seem to find this in the mailing list archive, but I have it in my sent box…


Den 20. sep. 2009 kl. 17.54 skrev Jo Størset:

Lars and I have been thinking a bit about how to get the build times down to a more reasonable level.

The constant packing and unpacking of war bundles needs to go, and the way to do that is to package modules as jar files instead. Velocity can load templates from the classpath and struts can also serve static resources from the classpath.

Lars has tested this out, and it seems to work fine. The only known issue is that all links to static resources needs to be changed slightly.

Does anyone see any problems with this? Is there any particular periods in the next month or so that this change shouldn´t be done? What do you think?


Anyway, I hope to start working on this soon. Lars have created

Since this will mean rewriting all urls, I think it might be a good idea to do it right after the next release, and probably push a release with just this change, as well?

Obviously, I have to actually do this in a branch first, seeing that it really helps and doesn´t introduce any problems.