Setting enrollmentDate using API

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I think I may have misunderstood the Tracker Capture UI.

When I select a different program, the UI shows that the Person is enrolled in the “MNCH / PNC” program:

But when I select the “MNCH / PNC” program, the UI says that no enrollment exists:

So maybe the “Enrollment” form is not showing the current value; there is no value because there is no enrollment. It’s showing a default value. ( … but … then why does the UI show “MNCH / PNC” under “Other programs”?)

Maybe my question should be; Can I create a new enrollment by updating a tracked entity instance using a PUT request? Or must I use a separate request to enroll the TEI in a program?

I don’t have permission to delete this topic, but I think it should be deleted. I’ve learned a bit more about the underlying issue since I asked this question, and I have realised I’ve been barking up the wrong tree. I will open a new topic that explains the problem better, and is less confusing.