Set a default Event date


Does anyone know if a default Event date can be set for a single/all stages of a Tracker program? For example, every time a new event is created in a Tracker stage, I would like the event date to be 30-06-2021, so no human error can occur.


Hey @Georgi,
Welcome to the community! Please see Caroline’s response. Thank you! (:

Hi @Georgi

I hope I understood your question here. If you enroll a person with on a specific date, you want to generate the report dates in all programstages based on the enrollment date, so there is no need to set this date manually?

I checked this out for you anyway. It’s possible to set a default date on report date in program stages.
You can choose between using the enrollment date or incident date as the default report date in the stage.

  1. Go to maintenance - program - open your program
  2. Select section 4 - program stages, and open one stage.
  3. Select: Auto-generate Event
  4. A new option will pop up: Open data entry form after enrollment. Select this one.
  5. Then choose the date you want to use as default report date.

  1. Update stage and save program.
  2. Run cache cleaner or update program version number before testing.

If you set this on all program stages - every stage will have status: ACTIVE, and it might affect working list settings if you are using a program stage to sort the scheduled or overdue events for example.
I also saw if the setting: First stage appears on registration page - the report date will not be set as the enrollment date.

Hi @Caroline,

I have one repeatable stage in my tracker program.

Facilitators collect data manually on papers and then data must be entered in the DHIS 2 at one time. My case does not have to do with scheduling events/visits. The data entry clerk will create the event directly, without first scheduling it. In this case how do I configure the date for each event?
In event reports I want to view each event and the date it took place side by side. Using the report date in the tracker dashboard to capture the date of each event does not permit me to view both. (I mean each event and its date). Would it be wise to create a data element of Date type to capture the date of each event?

Thanks in advance

Hey @dmbantu,
May I ask you when do you want the event to be created? At the same time of enrollment?

Hi @Gassim,

Yes, At the moment of enrolment. As the data is on papers, the data entry clerk will register the person and create all events for each person at one time. For each event there is a date to enter.


Okay so if the event date is before the registration into the system then I think for that you’d use incident date as the event occurred before registration (enrollment), right?


Hi @Gassim,

For the different types of events, we shall capture the same type of data. Since we will use the same data entry form, we will have one repeatable program stage.

Data captured on paper forms have this format. Registering participant and entering data in each event. For each event, we must capture its date. In the event reports, we want to view each event and its date side by side

Paticipant A

Event A Event B Event C Event D Event E
Date of event A Date of event B Date of event C Date of event D Date of event E

Paticipant B

Event A Event B Event C Event D Event E
Date of event A Date of event B Date of event C Date of event D Date of event E

Using incident date, I don’t know how the configuration must look like. If could help me with the configuration through screenshots, I think it would be much clear.

Note: we create the event directly, without first scheduling it as data will be entered at once for each participant.