Sending SMS/Email notifications to a user group

Dear members,

I would like to send 2 outgoing SMS/Email notifications to 2 differents groups (1 notification for HC group and 1 notification for DH group)
My question is : how can i set the notification generated at HC to be sent to both HC group and DH group but notification generated from DH facility to be delivered only to DH group. The outgoing message is similar and triggered whenever the program rule condition is met?

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Hi @Amza !

In this case I suggest you to try to add the following condition to your program rule expression:

&& d2:inOrgUnitGroup( <orgunit_group_code> )

If your facilities are organised in OrgUnitGroups properly, you can control where the esage will be sent based on the group of facilities that your current facility belongs to.

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Dear Yury,
thank so much for your valuable comments. A clarification : i was talking about users group not organisation unit group. I would like to send the sms to users group belonging to HC or users group beloging to District Hospital.
So the issue is i went users from HC to send notification to users from supervising organization unit while the notification of users from above facilities must not be delivered to users from lower level.


Thanks for the clarification!

In the notification template, you can specify, which group of users should be sent to.

It is possible to check in the program rule if the user has a certain user role, so if your users have different roles, you can use that as a filter in the program rule.

You can, however, still rely on orgUnit groups if the event is happening at different facilities: i.e. HC or DH.