Send notification when using program rule

Hi, I am creating a healthcare program and I want to send a notification to a different user depending on the option of an option set in the tracker capture. I ve just create the program, the notification and I select the option to send it when the program rule. the program rule filter select one of the option of the option set and the action selected is “Send message”. When I try out this on the tracker capture, selecting the desire option of the option set, the message didnt appear on the system. Am I doing something wrong?

I have also tried. But it seems that the program rule based notification has not been working.

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Hi @aitor_garrido , thanks for your question. This seems like it might be a bug.

Could you please provide a few more details:

  • Which version of DHIS2 are you on?

  • Are you using a program notification template, or program stage notification template?

  • When configuration the program notification template, are you checking “Send Notification multiple times”?

  • Can you please confirm that your program rule is being executed? Depending on how you have configured the program rule variable, you may need to use the Option Code in your expression, instead of the option name. To check this, you can attach another program rule action to the rule, such as “Show Warning”.

  • I assume from “send a notification to a different user depending on the option of an option set in the tracker capture”, this means you are sending to the message to a User Group, is that correct? IF yes, are there any additional parameters checked off for this template, such as “Notify users in hierarchy only”?

With this information we can determine if this is a bug and what it has affected. Thanks again!


Thank you so much for your response. The problem was,as you said, I need to use the Option Code in te program rule variable. Fixed it!